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Finicky Ears’ Prime Cuts

Posted in Uncategorized by finickyears on November 10, 2009

Music is the meat of what we are doing here. Or, the protein. If you don’t eat meat. Either way, you get it….Here is some of the music we have covered so far and  I will try to keep it updated…as I update. (Language seems to be failing me today. I’m just hoping I figured out how to do this playlist thing right.)

Well, in my head, that wasn't what was supposed to happen. I was hoping some little music player would appear...But hey, if you want to listen to some music click on that link. Like I said, it will be updated as I write more posts with whatever I am writing about. No so bad, huh?  Eventually I hope to actually have the music on this site, but this computer stuff is harder than I thought.

***Update*** So, I switched to I think this works better, but you still have to open up a window outside your main browser. If anyone knows how to make this work so a player is features on my blog's homepage, the information would be much appreciated. Also, I created a page over there to the right which will always feature the most recent edition of the Finicky Ears' playlist.


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  1. J to the K said, on November 11, 2009 at 12:42 am

    youre a genius! have my babies! or at least buy me some more grilled cheese samwiches from the food truck!!!

  2. amityb said, on November 13, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Arrggh I had to sign in to imeem to listen to this, and had technical difficulties doing so! I use Project Playlist, it’s easy to set up and embed the player in a blog….just fyi..

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