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Unofficial Music Video of the Week: The Mountain Goats “No Children”

Posted in Unofficial Music Video of the Week, Videos by finickyears on November 10, 2009

All things considered, I am still up in the air about Youtube. For every bear on a trampoline, there are thousands of videos made by boring people doing boring things. Or, someone decides to sing their favorite song inferiorly while staring straight into camera. There is a barrier between famous people and regular joes for a reason. One of my favorite aspects of Youtube, though (besides its offshoot Youporn), is the fan made music videos. There are numerous videos that not only out do the band’s approved music video, but also are more creative than the Moonman-winning clips played on MTV. Every week, Finicky Ears will bring you a clip we deem noteworthy, allowing us to revisit beloved songs in new (or old) formats.

If you are not familiar with John Darnielle, he is probably the best American songwriter alive. While I’m sure we could have a lively debate about this, no one can make me want to laugh and cry within the same song, let alone within the same line like Darnielle. The use of legos to act out the lyrics of “No Children” fits perfectly with both the childishness of the song and the sentiments throughout that the singer doesn’t mean but says anyway. A couple of my favorite parts are the rising black smoke and the way the guy falls down on the line “I hope I never get sober.” The Mountain Goats will be at the Fonda on Sunday and I will try to get down there and give it a write-up next week.


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  1. athousandscreamingrabbits said, on November 10, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Oh how I love The Mountain Goats. I remember, somewhat fondly, crying the first time I heard this song. Actually, it was more like a weep, but it struck a chord nonetheless.

    Excellent write-up Philip.

    Keep up the good work.


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