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Unofficial Music Video of the Week: The Hold Steady “Ask Her For Some Adderall”

Posted in Unofficial Music Video of the Week, Videos by finickyears on November 19, 2009

All things considered, I am still up in the air about Youtube. For every bear on a trampoline, there are thousands of videos made by boring people doing boring things. Or, someone decides to sing their favorite song inferiorly while staring straight into camera. There is a barrier between famous people and regular joes for a reason. One of my favorite aspects of Youtube, though (besides its offshoot Youporn), is the fan made music videos. There are numerous videos that not only out do the band’s approved music video, but also are more creative than the Moonman-winning clips played on MTV. Every week, Finicky Ears will bring you a clip we deem noteworthy, allowing us to revisit beloved songs in new (or old) formats.

I was just reading an interview with Craig Finn, lead singer of The Hold Steady, and he was talking about their recent stints opening for Dave Matthews Band and Counting Crows. He had nothing but high praise for both these bands, even saying that Dave Matthews was a big fan and would personally introduce The Hold Steady each night. And somehow, this doesn’t take away from Finn’s cred one bit. It even manages to boost it. The Hold Steady seem like they are in a time bubble, untouched by current music trends, able to create the music they want and have it judged solely on its own merits. This is why most everyone I know did not like The Hold Steady on first listen (I know I didn’t). But as I’ve become acquainted with their sound, I struggle to find their equals in the music world today. 

Rock and roll is often equated with being young, and no music makes me feel young like The Hold Steady. The lyrics are about kids making the same mistakes we all make, the mistakes we wouldn’t take back for a second. This song is full on images and lines that catch you off guard and sneak up on you with repeat listens. “If she wants a love based on trust and respect, tell her I’ve been wasted since last week.” Kills me.

This video also succeeds in capturing the feverish pace of the song. The words come at you fast and, now, so do the images. You can find this song on their last album, Stay Positive. It is actually the bonus song on the CD and LP, but I don’t really understand how it is bonus if it comes on all the formats. Shrug.