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Update: Consequence of Sound News

Posted in COS, Cos News by finickyears on January 30, 2010

So, this past month has been crazy and unfortunately, posting regularly to Finicky Ears is nearly impossible. In the meantime, I will set up links top my wide range of music writing. Here are links to my published news stories, with a few highlights: (All writing is copyright of Alexander Young and CoS) Please visit Consequence of Sound regularly…it’s really good!

Sir Christopher Lee releasing heavy metal musical
“…all you need to know is he is super-old (87), he is super-British (he’s, uh, from England), he is the highest grossing movie actor of all time (I am skeptical of this self-proclamation), and he has decided March 15th, 2010 is the perfect time to unleash his heavy metal musical based on the life of King Charlemagne…”

Lemonheads’ Evan Dando announces solo dates
“Less known for his actual music than his slacker look, drug exploits, and actress girlfriends, Dando’s most recognizable song is most likely The Lemonheads’ cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson.”

Shearwater travels the world, plays shows, takes pictures
“Dossier, Dossier, Dossier.”

Midlake schedules 2010 tour
“Since the title of “best ever death metal band out of Denton” is taken, Midlake will have to settle for best ever mid-tempo indie band out of Denton.

Sigur Rós contributes to lullaby compilation; Jonsi added to Coachella
“If you have little ones and a bad singing voice, why not let the professionals have a stab at it?”

YACHT to indoctrinate North America
 “Now that we’ve gotten to know them a little better, it has become apparent that YACHT want your soul and may ask you to drink some questionable Kool-Aid when you see them on tour in February and March. Am I alone in that I am totally cool with this?”

Love Is All maps out American tour
“You will have a chance to experience this sure-bet good time when the band visits a town near you this March and April, according to Pitchfork. Unless you live in the South. Bummer for you guys.”

Eddie Vedder releases Springsteen cover for Haiti
“No word on how they feel about the recent Live Nation/Ticketmaster merger, but you can bet they’re none too pleased.”

Thank you all for the continued support, kind thoughts or ambivalence. Super big thanks to Eyvette for the nudge, Julie for the ridiculous amount of help and guidance, and family, cuz, duh.

-Philip Cosores