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Posted in CoS Features by finickyears on January 30, 2010

Here are links and highlights of the longer pieces published by Consequence of Sound: (Everything copyright Alexander Young and CoS)

List ‘Em Carefully – The Top Ten Songs from The Simpsons
” The show has literally been on for as long as long as a decent portion of Americans can remember. From its impressive list of guest stars to its often timely critique of politics and social values, The Simpsons has become more than a TV show. Books have been written on it. College courses have studied it. Children bear names of popular characters featured on it. You get the idea.”

(Don’t like my list? Lucky for you, Pitchfork published the exact same idea for a feature a couple weeks after CoS ran mine. Small world.

On Second Listen: Japandroids – Post-Nothing
“The line “we’ll stick together forever, stay sick together, stay crazy forever” not only speaks to the desire to remain young and carefree, but to remain in solidarity with the friends and loved ones we experience our youth with. And why can’t we feel young forever? Well, even if it’s impossible to remain without the worries that life forces upon to you, it is comforting to know that the feeling of youth is just an album away.”

Album Review: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – The Road – Original Film Score
“The Road is a book that seems to live in the absence of plot and is compelling in how its characters find hope in a life where every day is a mirror of the last. On film, well, this is kind of boring.
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ The Road – Original Film Score could be seen as a perfect companion piece to the movie, in that it is also meandering and mostly dull. “

Album Review: Beach House – Teen Dream
“Beach House is clearly ready to step out from the shadows and play timeless music intended for dreamers and romantics. Play this at a dinner party and you will likely kill any chance of conversation. Which could be cool, too.”

-Philip Cosores


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  1. […] List ‘Em Carefully – The Top Ten Songs from The Simpsons – The bottom two spots are from Zombie Simpsons.  Everything in the top eight is from Season 7 or earlier.  I can easily think of two other songs to cleanse this of Zombie Simpsons (nothing from Shary Bobbins?), but it’s pretty good as it is.  (via Finicky Ears) […]

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